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Lisa has devoted her entire legal career to family law matters exclusively since commencing practicing law in the year 2000. Mrs. Coplan-Gardner has always had a passion practicing family law and helping people in such need.  Lisa’s key role at Coplan-Gardner & Gardner is as the managing partner. She runs the practice, so Darin can strictly focus on representing the clients.  

Lisa is a second generation native to Jacksonville, Florida. She is proud to have been born and raised here in the city where she practices law. She graduated college from University of North Florida where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Medicine. Lisa feels that her education in Psychology helps her in the practice of family law in her ability to understand and empathize with her clients feelings and family law matters.

Coming from a divorced home as a child, Lisa has the ability to understand from a child’s perspective the aspects of a divorce and the aftermath years later. From this experience she is able to give sound advice to her clients when asked. Because she has seen first hand what devastation divorce can bring in the aftermath, she focuses her clients on protecting themselves from their decisions in their cases and directing them to think about how each decision will affect them and their children years later. Most people going through a divorce want it over quickly and agree to give away assets or take on debts that they cannot afford. It’s important to take the time during your divorce to make sure you will be financially stable months and years later. There is no “do overs” in divorce when it comes to assets and debts.

Lisa is relentless about legal research and having the appropriate law to further her argument for her clients legal requests. Having the law on your side increases your chance of success in court and sometimes in settlement negotiations. Lisa has litigated numerous family law cases among Duval, St. Johns and Clay County and feels her success in most of those cases was having the applicable law ready to argue before the Court.