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A Free Credit Report is Important to get in Preparation for Divorce Action

May 18, 2014 Family Law

I always get questions during my consultations from individuals contemplating divorce, as to what paperwork they should gather in preparation if and when they decide to move forward to a divorce proceeding. I feel one of the important documents to retrieve is their credit report. Each year you are entitled to one free credit report and you can get this report by going to the following website: A credit report is an important document to give to your Attorney so that they can see not only what your current debt balances are, but also they can see what credit cards and other debts you are joint on with your spouse. When you are going through a divorce, you want to make sure that any joint debts are properly handled to make sure that once you are divorced that you former Husband/Wife does not ruin your credit by any non-payment on the debts that they are agreeing to be responsible for post divorce.

By Lisa Coplan-Gardner