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What is Domestic Violence According to Florida Courts?

October 28, 2015 Family Law

I have found that often individuals are confused on whether an act committed by their spouse to them is considered domestic violence. One such act often misunderstood, is when your spouse physically prevents you from leaving a room, house, etc.. This is considered an act of domestic violence. Another misunderstood act of domestic violence is when your spouse destroys a personal item of yours, such as your cell phone. There is some really good free information available on the Duval County Clerk of Courts website, listing the factors that the Court considers an act of domestic violence. Click on this link to see the list:   Domestic Violence Factors

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence or fear that you may be in danger of becoming a victim, click on the following website for information on the procedure for getting the Injunction For Protection if you reside in Clay, Duval and Nassau Counties:  Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence