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Our Firm

Well it may be obvious by the common last name, “Gardner,” that Darin Gardner and Lisa Coplan-Gardner are married.  Lisa and Darin met in law school and upon graduation they both started their legal careers off differently.  Lisa Coplan-Gardner first started out her legal career working for a law firm in Green Cove Springs, Florida, where she practiced family law.  She then left that firm to start her own firm in the area where she then resided, Neptune Beach, Florida.  Darin Gardner first started out his legal career working for the Fourth Judicial State’s Attorney’s Office.  Once Darin and Lisa decided to start a family, Darin left his job with the Fourth Judicial States Attorney’s Office, as a felony division chief to work with Lisa and that’s where Coplan-Gardner & Gardner, P.A. was started.    

Our firm is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, across from the Jacksonville Beach Pier.  Although practicing family law can be emotional at times, we just look out at our view of the ocean each day and that reminds us of the beauty in life.  Darin and Lisa also bring their french bulldogs, Baylee and Allie to the office each day, which at times help calm some of our clients when talking about sensitive matters in their life.

Why choose “Our Team,” to represent you:

We navigate our clients through the most difficult time of their lives with expertise, leadership and a compassionate hand.  We have a combined 40 years of experience representing clients in family and criminal law matters.  We approach each and every case as a team and collectively consider the issues involved, cost considerations, the best interest of the children involved, as well as how the current decisions agreed upon or legal positions taken will affect our client’s lives and the lives of their family in the future.  In all legal matters, preparation is the key to any success, which is why we value this skill the most.  We ensure that our staff is at all times aware of important dates, deadlines and collecting evidence timely.

If we have to proceed to trial in your case, then Darin Gardner is the skilled litigator you want representing you.  When Darin was a prosecutor for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida, he successfully prosecuted a wide variety of crimes from driving under the influence (DUI) to First Degree Murder.  The investigative skills, courtroom and jury trial experience he gained a the State’s Attorney’s Office provides him with the skills necessary to effectively represent our clients in any type of family or criminal law hearing or trial.  When a case proceeds to trial, the presentation of the case, as well as the evidence presented will ultimately result in the final outcome of the ruling, this is why you need a skilled litigator, like Darin, fighting by your side in the courtroom.  If this type of work ethnic sounds like what you are looking for, then make the call to our firm where we can set up a consultation to discuss your matter.   

If you need any criminal or family legal services, don’t hesitate to contact Darin and Lisa today.