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Family Law

When handling any family law issue, your choice of attorneys can have long-term consequences in all aspects of your life and your families lives. Family law matters are at times very serious and choosing the wrong attorney can lead to a dire outcome.  Here at Coplan-Gardner & Gardner, P.A.,  we offer the highest caliber of skill and experience to our clients and this is why we are top rated in Northeast Florida. 

What sets Darin and Lisa apart from some family law attorneys, is the fact that Darin and Lisa both grew up in divorced homes. They can both personally understand what families are emotionally and financially going through when involved in a divorce. They also understand what can happen in the aftermath of a divorce. Darin and Lisa use not only their personal skills related to family law, but their combined 40 years of legal practice to be the best effective team for their clients.

Florida Asset Division

The Florida Statute dealing with Equitable Distribution is section 61.075. This statute is applicable to proceedings for dissolution of marriage. The Statute requires a court to divide the marital assets and liabilities equally between the parties, UNLESS the court finds that an unequal distribution is justified, based on the statutory factors listed in section (1)(a) through (1)(j). To see the full list of factors click on the following link: Florida Statute 61.075

The help the Court in determining an equitable distribution of the parties assets and debts, the statute provides the following:

  • Defines marital and nonmarital assets and liabilities; see section (6)(a)-(b).
  • Establishes the date
  • Establishes the valuation date of assets and liabilities.
  • Creates a rebuttable presumption that assets acquired and liabilities incurred after the date of marriage are marital assets and liabilities.

Time-Sharing Arrangements

Without a doubt issues of time-sharing with child(ren) are some of the most heavily contested in any divorce. As family attorneys, both Lisa and Darin work tirelessly to negotiate a resolution that is in the best interests of the child(ren). However, it isn’t always easy to arrive at a sensible, workable time-sharing arrangement without the assistance of a qualified Jacksonville family law attorney. An experienced attorney’s knowledge and experience helps parents answer difficult questions and effectively formulate the best possible time-sharing arrangement.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Florida law also makes it possible for the ex-husband or ex-wife to continue to receive financial support from their former spouse. Usually called alimony or spousal support, the court looks at many factors before determining whether either spouse is entitled to ongoing financial assistance. The duration of the marriage, the financial contributions made by each spouse, the standard of living during the lifetime of the marriage and the age of the parties are all considered. Once again, Lisa and Darin are available to help clients sort out whether or not alimony is necessary and how much is appropriate. The state of Florida allows for a multitude of different alimony arrangements, and most clients need help to determine which approach suits their situation.

Life is fluid, and circumstances frequently change. That’s why it’s also possible to modify child support and alimony arrangements. The loss of a job, an extended illness or other unexpected major life transition can all affect an ex-spouse’s ability to make support payments. A Jacksonville divorce lawyer can step in to request a modification from the court when any of these changes occurs.

Resolving Delicate Issues

Couples who are ending their marriage often disagree about how assets and debts should be divided. It’s a common issue. However, a Jacksonville family law attorney can assist with resolving these often delicate issues. Florida recognizes two main categories of property. The first of these is separate property which is individually owned by one of the spouses through a prenuptial agreement, ownership prior to the marriage or a gift bestowed upon one of the spouses. Everything else is considered marital property, and it can be divided in various ways. An experienced Family Law Attorney can guide you as to what may be the best division, or if its too complex, they can refer you to an expert to aid in that decision making.

Working as a Jacksonville family law attorney may be difficult, but it is also very rewarding. Lisa Coplan-Gardner and Darin Gardner welcome the opportunity to help families sort out complex situations to arrive at resolutions that are fair and benefit the well-being of the family. With understanding, compassion and a dedication to justice, Lisa and Darin are prepared to help Jacksonville families heal and move forward with their lives.