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Coplan-Gardner & Gardner, PA, understands that divorce is never planned and usually unexpected. No one gets married, assuming they’ll get divorced. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side is crucial to a successful outcome.

In Florida, there are two types of divorce: simplified and regular, which may be contested or uncontested.

Simplified Divorce

A simplified divorce must usually meet several different types of criteria:

  • Both spouses must agree on the divorce and that the marriage is irretrievably broken
  • There are no minor children that are a product of the marriage
  • The wife must not be pregnant when the divorce is filed
  • Both spouses must complete a financial affidavit about the property and finances unless both parties agree to waive this document
  • A property settlement agreement must settle any property issues, even if the spouses do not own any joint property
  • Both parties must appear at the final court hearing unless a formal hearing is waived

A simplified divorce is an excellent option for couples that end their marriage amicably and cooperate.

Regular Dissolution of Marriage

A regular dissolution is usually reserved for people that have children. An uncontested regular divorce is when only one spouse files for divorce against the other spouse. Spouses must execute a marital settlement agreement that addresses any issues related to minor children, marital property and debts. In the case of minor children, a detailed parenting plan is required.

A regular dissolution of marriage, when properly executed, is usually less complicated and more cost-effective.

Planning for Divorce

A lot goes into preparing for a divorce. Whether you have a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement in place, your existing last will and testament, a revocable trust, your beneficiary designations, power of attorney documents and health care surrogates. You’ll likely need assistance reviewing all of these documents and possibly drawing up new estate planning documents to cover you and your family going forward.

High Asset Divorces

Divorces that involve significant assets can present unique challenges during a divorce. Some assets may have built-in revenue streams, making them more valuable, and others may carry higher risks.

Florida courts attempt to divide marital property equitably between the two parties. This can become complicated if there is, for example, a coowned business or investments, car collections, exclusive artwork, antiques, real property or a house. Additionally, high asset divorces may involve alimony as part of the divorce agreement.

Sometimes spouses will go to extremes to hide assets, especially in the case of a high asset divorce. Our attorneys will dig deep and have forensic accountant firms and other resources that can help uncover any attempts to hide money, income or fraud.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys

We understand that divorce is difficult and life-altering, and Coplan-Gardner & Gardner has nearly 40 years of combined experience handling all types of divorces. If you are facing divorce or need to file for a divorce, contact our team today. We can review your assets, assess your case and present the best possible options for you and your family. We support and honor our military, firefighters, police, first responders and educators and offer free consultations and discounts.