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Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Charges in Florida

Assault and battery charges in Florida can carry severe penalties and sentences if convicted in a court of law. Unfortunately, a conviction can also harm your chances of gaining future employment.

Coplan-Gardner & Gardner, PA, offers experienced representation for these types of cases and can help negotiate pleas or represent cases in court.

Assault Charges in Jacksonville Beach

Under Florida law, an assault charge is an intentional action, threat or words that cause someone to be afraid of impending violence. If someone threatens to beat up a person in a menacing way and the victim believes this threat is viable, this is considered assault in Florida.

Simple assault in Florida is considered a second-degree misdemeanor; however, assault against school employees, police officers, an elderly person and other special victims is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Battery Charges in Jacksonville Beach

Battery is the act of physical contact, such as hitting or punching someone. Striking, pushing or even grabbing someone in anger can be acts of battery.

When you combine assault and battery charges, this means the person threatens the victim and then intentionally strikes them.

Depending on the crime, battery can be a misdemeanor or felony; however, aggravated assault, aggravated battery or assault and battery with a firearm are serious felony offenses.

Self-Defense Cases

Self-defense is the most common assault and battery defense. To prove self-defense in Florida, our attorneys will prove:

  • There was a threat of unlawful harm or force against you;
  • There was a real, perceived fear;
  • You did not provoke or harm anyone; and
  • You could not escape or retreat from the situation.

Self-defense can also extend if you were stepping in to protect another person.

Professional Legal Team Defends Against Assault and Battery Charges

Coplan-Gardner & Gardner offers premier legal services for those facing assault and battery charges. We also offer military, police, firefighters, first responders and educators a preferred discount on legal services and free consultation. If you are facing assault and battery charges, don’t wait - contact us today to schedule an appointment.