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Darin practices both Family and Criminal Law and is highly skilled in both areas.

When Darin is dealing with a Family Law matter his first priority is to analyze the issues involved, the parties and other attorney involved and determine whether there is any chance of settlement. He does not like to spend a lot of time and his clients funds on settlement negotiations that will ultimately fail based upon the attitudes of the parties toward the issues involved. Darin is a no nonsense type of attorney and if the matter cannot be resolved then he just pursues the clients case in Court.

Darin received invaluable experience working for the Fourth Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office as a Prosecutor. As a Assistant State Attorney, Darin spent some of his time in the sex crimes division, the homicide division prosecuting first degree murder cases, as well as earning the position of a Felony Division Chief. He feels his experience there contributed toward his trial skills in both Family Law and Criminal Defense. He believes that knowing your evidence and case better than your opponent is key to obtaining success in Court Proceedings. Darin is skilled in his investigative work and prides himself of the ability to obtain the right documents and testimony in his goal of obtaining a favorable outcome for his clients.

When preparing for trial, Darin is endless in his preparation and believes that his hard work will hopefully lead to a successful outcome for his clients.